Comments from a collector

Deborah's Artwork that I own

Original: Red Onion

Giclee: Tea bag & tea ball

What is it that drew you to the painting you own? 
Red Onion: there's a rough edge to the onion that I just wanted to grab and peel off. I saw it in one of your shows and just couldn't get it out of my head until I bought it.

Tea Bag: The coloration in the tea ball just amazes me. Even now, with it hanging in my office, I look up and just am awestruck at the way the silver tea ball actually shows red, orange, blue, green and brown. The reflections in the wood table top also draw my eye.

What do you find to be unique about it? 
Aside from my sister being the artist?  They're realistic but not photographic. 

What impact has it had in your home?

Tea Bag: Or office, since that's where Tea Bag hangs. My co-workers occasionally remark on it, and are pleasantly surprised that not only I know the artist but am related to her! They admire the composition, and I think they like the tea ball since you don't see those around in most homes. 

Red Onion: It's hanging in my kitchen, where I can see it every day. I just enjoy looking at it, and knowing that my sister painted it :)