Les Grenades
Still Life with Pineapples
Strike Three
Lost My Marbles
Losing My Marbles
The Mouse Takes the Cheese
Pollock's Secret
Light Reading
Fall(ing) Harvest
Pens and Pencils
Make Lemonade!
Eggs and Eggplants
Tomato and Plum
Red Onions and Tomatoes
Study of Melendez
St. Charles Streetcar
Afternoon Sun
Le Jardin Majorelle
The Great Wave
White Cloth with Conch
White Cloth with Eggs
Parking in Denver
Parking at the Fitz
Parking in Annapolis
Michael's Limoncello
Bill's Mask
Claire's Toe Shoes
North on Calvert
Still Life with White Cloth
Sparrows Point Fog
South on Cathedral
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